Preparing for Candidacy – Talk@Kyabakadde

Today one of our founder  members, Kalema Ayub Golooba had a very interactive session with Senior Three Students of St. Cyprian S.S Kyabakadde on the theme ” Preparing for Candidacy” Three key messages he shared 1. Do the small and simple things (rather controversial on the surface since most people focus on the big things) […]

Media Literacy Project Promotes Creativity

In this digital era, most people merely download and consume content rather than produce. Moreover, few of the question what they download. With the proliferation of fake news, youths need to have the skill to decipher information they find on the internet. They also need to be able to produce digital content that projects their […]

Permaculture in Schools – A Sustainable Solution

Okay. You rent a small room in the suburbs of Kampala. With a very small compound. Did you know you could use your veranda to produce some vegetables?  Perhaps you own a big bungalow in town with a big compound, How can you gain the most of the space in a sustainable way, catering for […]

Kuroilers Can Transform Villages

In 2014, we started rearing kuroiler chicken as an experiment! Today, we are self sufficient, producing all our eggs from the chicken we rear.  

Computer Training for Bukoto Youths and Women

  In partnership with Disciples’ Fellowship Church, Bukoto we conducted a one week ICT training workshop for youths and women from Bukoto area. The training attracted 60 participants identified by the Church and was intended to enhance the computer and business skills in the community. This free training was a partnership between Kololo Senior Secondary […]

Kalema Golooba Ayub