Database Management Challenges Teachers of ICT

At a recent ICT Retooling workshop for teachers of ICT in Uganda which we conducted at Kololo In-Service Training Center, it became evident that Electronic Database Management  is one of the most challenging areas to teachers of ICT. At the beginning of the workshops which attracted about 300 teachers, over 90% of the teachers said […]

Talk at Mapeera on Social Media Etiquette

Sunday July 23rd saw me deliver a talk/workshop at Kisubi Mapeera Senior Secondary School to the whole school population (Parents, Teachers and Students). I was invited by the school administration after I had hinted at the importance of digital media literacy in a previous talk which had primarily focussed on preparing for national examinations. As […]

Media Literacy Project Promotes Creativity

In this digital era, most people merely download and consume content rather than produce. Moreover, few of the question what they download. With the proliferation of fake news, youths need to have the skill to decipher information they find on the internet. They also need to be able to produce digital content that projects their […]

Retooling of Teachers to Teach ICT/Computer Studies

With rapid changes in the ICT field, teachers are finding themselves unable to cope. Coupled with new changes in assessment, the pressure is on for teachers to catch up. ScS responded to the challenges and collaborated with Ministry of Education and Sports to deliver a one week workshop for teachers. Unlike previous workshops that focused […]

Kalema Golooba Ayub